Elder Law

It is important to consider issues that will affect you and your loved ones as you age. Planning for accommodation that will suit your changing needs avoids stressful situations that arise with unexpected changes in your health or personal circumstances.

Various options are available to assist elders to remain living independently while accessing a variety of services to assist them at home. Services can be arranged privately or by way of Government funding. Centrelink and My Aged Care websites contain helpful information about funding and services available to elders. Some families wish to care for their elders in their home or in a granny flat. It is advisable to have a written family agreement prepared by a solicitor to ensure that any investment that you make is protected if you change your mind or need to move into an aged care facility. Aged care facilities offer home care services, assisted accommodation services and nursing home services depending on the level of care that you need. Many elders prefer to be cared for in their familiar environment until they die, rather than to spend their last days in hospital. Most aged care facilities welcome visitors to their facilities and will provide information about their services so that you and your family can make a decision that will suit your needs.

Planning your finances will relief the stress of funding accommodation and care in your later years. Many financial advisers are experienced in retirement and aged care planning. Centrelink has financial services officers who can explain the benefits available from the Government. It is essential to consider who will manage your affairs or make decisions about your lifestyle and health care if you are unable to do so. If you do not appoint and enduring attorney or enduring guardian, the State Administrative Tribunal has jurisdiction to appoint someone to look after your affairs if you lose mental capacity. We welcome you to talk to us about any of the issues that you face as an elder or if you are caring for an elder.